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American Serial Killers

A list of all of the serial killers in America.

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Charles Albright
Dale Anderson
John Armstrong
Benjamin Atkins
Herb Baumeister
Betty Beets
Robert Berdella
Richard Biegenwald
Arthur Bishop
Terry Blair
Warren Bland
Daniel Blank
William Bonin
Eugene Britt
Robert Browne
Judias Buenoano
Carol Bundy
Charles Campbell
David Carpenter
Michael Carson
Suzan Carson
Dean Carter
Joseph Christopher
Douglas Clark
Hadden Clark
Alton Coleman
Faye Copeland
Ray Copeland
Tammy Corbett
Richard Cottingham
Juan Covington
Andre Crawford
Theresa Cross
Charles Cullen
Jesse James Cummings
Jeffery Dahmer
James Daveggio
Samuel Dieteman
Wesley Dodd
Ronald Dominique
Brian Dugan
Jon Dunkle
Paul Durousseau
Walter Ellis
Glennon Engleman
Donald Evans
Gary Evans
Richard Evonitz
Larry Eyler
Wayne Ford
Kendall Francois
Joseph Franklin
Lonnie Franklin
Robert Fry
Charlene Gallego
Gerald Gallego
Donald Gaskins
Kristen Gilbert
Sean Gillis
Lorenzo Gilyard
Billy Glaze
David Gore
Mark Goudeau
Gwendolyn Graham
Harrison Graham
Dana Gray
Richard Grissom
Robert Hansen
Donald Harvey
Charles Hatcher
Dale Hausner
Gary Heidnik
Raymont Hopewell
Michael Hughes
Phillip Jablonski
Vickie Jackson
Keith Jesperson
Vincent Johnson
Genene Jones
Jeremy Jones
John Joubert
Theresa Knorr
Randy Kraft
Timothy Krajcir
Rex Krebs
Leonard Lake
FirstName LastName
Derrick Lee
William Lindsey
Bobby Long
Henry Lucas
Thomas Luther
Orville Majors
Kenneth McDuff
John Muhammad
Marcus Nisby
Christopher Peterson
Cleophus Prince
Dorothea Puente
Dennis Rader
Richard Ramirez
David Ray
Paul Reid
Robert Rhodes
Gary Ridgeway
Joel Rifkin
Harvey Robinson
John Robinson
Adolf Rode
Dayton Rogers
Glen Rogers
Danny Rolling
Michael Ross
Randy Roth
George Russell
Efren Saldivar
Altemio Sanchez
Heriberto Seda
Tommy Sells
Arthur Shawcross
Anthony Shore
Robert Shulman
Robert Silveria
Samuel Smithers
Morris Jr. Soloman
Timothy Spencer
Eugene Stano
Richard Starrett
Cary Stayner
William Suff
Joseph Swango
James Swann
Marybeth Tinning
Ottis Toole
Maury Travis
Chester Turner
Johann Jack Unterweger
Henry Wallace
Faryion Wardrip
Lesley Warren
Fred Waterfield
Carl Coral Watts
Nathaniel White
Christopher Wilder
Wayne Williams
James Wood
Randall Randy Woodfield
v Randall Randy Woodfield
Aileen Lee Wuornos
Robert Yates